Friday, December 5, 2014

Bulker for Bunker, Tanker for Power

The bulker Prabhu Daya arrived this morning for bunkers. It sailed again in a few hours on its way with a cargo of grain, loaded on the St.Lawrence. Indian owned, but Singapore registered, the 29,986 grt, 52,822 dwt ship was built in Japan in 2001 by Onomichi Dockyard.
Algoma Dartmouth alongside Prabhu Daya at anchorage number 5.
Also arriving this morning, the tanker Serifos tied up at Nova Scotia Power's Tufts Cove generating station, with the assistance of tugs Atlantic Larch and Atlantic Fir  and the line boat Northcom. The line boat's crew also used an aluminum outboard motor boat to run lines to the mooring buoys.

Serifos flies the Greek flag and is owned by Eletson Tankers of Athens. Eletson is noted for its well kept and tidy looking ships and seems to be a favourite with Nova Scotia Power. Built in 1995 by Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan, South Korea, the ship measures 28,507 grt, 46,700 dwt.
With the price of oil "tanking" NS Power has probably switched over from gas for at least one of its generators.


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