Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spirit to Spirit transfer completed

The transfer of cargo from the damaged Australian Spirit to the sister ship Americas Spirit apparently went off without a hitch and was completed about noon time today.

Tugs come alongside to move the now loaded Americas Spirit away from Australian Spirit.

Once clear, the tug Atlantic Larch takes away the fenders.

Now underway, Americas Spirit has all three harbour tugs in attendance. Atlantic Fir as stern tethered escort. It will stay with the ship all the way out of the harbour. Atlantic Willow on the starboard bow and Atlantic Larch on the port bow, will escort the ship clear of the Narrows.

Meanwhile Australian Spirt remains at anchor awaiting the return of the tugs, still has fenders alongside and the transfer hoses. Indeed the ship still has a rudder post, but no actual rudder is visible.

Compare the view of Americas Spirit's rudder at anchor (below), and Australian Spirit's rudder is clearly missing!

Answer to yesterday's quiz "Can you spot the difference"
Americas Spirit has two satellite domes on the wheelhouse, while Australian Spirit has only one.



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  1. The Americas Spirit has a crew protection shelter on the forward part of the main deck that is painted yellow while the same shelter on the Australian Spirit is painted white.