Saturday, December 6, 2014

more Canada 2014

Now alongside at pier 9A Canada 2014 is ready for work to begin ion its refit. The ship is certainly not new, and looks ready for some TLC, but looks like a very fine vessel.

 Just to the right of the fence, and below the ship;s bridge, is a small hydraulic gangway which allows pedestrian access while the ship is alongside.Note the storm shields over the ventilation louvers below the bridge. The  ship's bow door is closed and sealed.

A generous sheltered passenger deck looks more suitable for tropical climes, where protection from the sun is more important. There also seem to be a separate stern ramps for vehicles and pedestrians. The rectangular shapes on the sides of the hull are for evacuation chutes and rafts. 

Since most of the refit work will be internal, there may be very little to see during the next few months as work progresses.


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  1. Actually, behind the shields there are windows and not louvers.