Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Bonus Round

 Today's earlier post concentrated on activity at the south end of the port. There was also activity at the north end, some of which was late in the day.

Following the spring time theme, HMCS Windsor moved out of HMC Dockyard to the newly refurbished trot buoys on Jonquière Bank in Bedford Basin.

HMCS Windsor at anchor with CSL's Baie St.Paul loading gypsum in the background (see earlier post).

The sub has been alongside in HMC Dockyard all winter, but remains in active service.

At the Fairview Cove container terminal it was all change as MOL Maestro got underway and Yang Ming Modesty arrived to take its place. Both ships are sailing for THE Alliance. 

Although not visible on the vessel itself, the AIS signal for the supplier Siem Hanne has changed name to  PSV  Hakan. It had been rumoured for some time that the Secunda 'Canada's Norwegian parent company Siem Offshore was going to repatriate the supplier. The name change seems to indicate that in fact they have sold the boat. It has been alongside at Pier 9C for a few weeks, perhaps undergoing some re-commissioning work. [see also Tugfax on this topic.]


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