Monday, March 15, 2021

Mediterranean Highway

 Today's caller at Autoport was K-Line's Mediterranean Highway. Built in 2002 by Imabari Zosen in Marugame, it is beginning to show signs of age - at least as far as its paint job is concerned.

As the ship rounds Ives Knoll outbound, it displays quite a few rusty streaks.

K-Line, like competitor Wallenius Wilhelmsen (see last post), has been repainting its ships in a more flamboyant colour scheme during regular drydockings. This ship would not be due for another docking until 2022, but at that age it might not be worth repainting, so it could be that it will retain the traditional scheme for the rest of its service life.

It is a 55,493 gt, 17,228 dwt ship with a capacity of 6,015 (small) automobiles or 5,513 regular automobiles.


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