Saturday, November 2, 2019

Catch Up Day

When yesterday's high winds and seas diminished over night, pilotage operations resumed and it was a very busy morning as several ships arrived and sailed. In view of the sun direction and location of the ships, I stationed myself in Eastern Passage to see most of them, even though from a distance.

Starting with Halterm, the Tropical Shipping substitute Vega Fynen (see October 30) moved out to anchor last night and sailed this morning. Thanks to news received, I understand it was called in to take the place of the new Tropical Lissette which has some mechanical problems. The normal schedule for Tropical ships is Monday, so the breakdown and the weather have meant a major delay.

Giving Tropical Shipping good advertising, Vega Fynen prepares to get underway from anchor.

The overnighter Hansa Meersburg filling in on ZIM's feeder service also got underway.

With the piers clear, the arrivals were able to tie up. First was ZIM Monaco for pier 42.

On ZIM's transatlantic service, the 40,030 gt, 50,800 dwt ship flies the Malta flag for owners Danaos Shipping Co Ltd. Built in 2009 by Samsung SB+HI in Koje, the ship has a capacity of 4253 TEU.

Following not long after Maersk Patras managed to dodge the weather and arrived on its usually scheduled day from Montreal.

The 2090 TEU (400 reefers) ship is on the eastbound leg of its regular transatlantic run.

Autoport's caller was the Hero [High Efficiency RoRo] class Theben. A 75,283 gt, 23,786 dwt ship, it combines the capabilities of a Pure Car and Truck Carrier [PCTC] with a capacity of 8,000 cars, with those of a RoRo carrier, employing a 300 tonne capacity stern ramp.

Built in 2016 by Hyundai Samho, the ship has no side ramp, but carries accommodation ladders and even a lifeboat in hull recesses. I hope they demanded a refund on the paint. Normally a sparkling orange, many of the recent Wilhelmsen ships have a washed out faded look.

MOL Paramount sailed from Fairview Cove and Gerhard Schulte arrived for ACL this morning and early this afternoon Nolhanava moved from its storm berth at pier 9C to Fairview Cove to load for Argentia and St-Pierre et Miquelon. Presumably some ACL cargo from France was to be unloaded from Gerhard Schulte  and loaded on Nolhanava.

Nolhanava glides past the Atlantic Condor stocking up at pier 9C. 

Next along for Fairvew Cove was YM Modesty. However it had to wait in Bedford Basin until Nolhanava sailed.

The 71,821 gt, 72,370 dwt YM Modesty carries 6258 TEU. Built in 2013 by Koyo Dockyard, Mihara, the ship is on long term charter through Zodiac Maritime to Yang Ming Line.

Two other departures were noted. HC Svea Kim completed unloading its cargo of rails for CN in good time and was able to sail this morning. (See October 27 arrival).

and the tanker Elka Eleftheria sailed from Irving Oil and headed back to Amsterdam. (see October 31 arrival).

With tonight's shift from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time, photographing late afternoon arrivals and departures has likely come to an end until February. Despite more light early in the morning, photos at that hour will continue to be difficult due to the sun position. Shooting directly into the sun is a challenge!


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