Monday, November 4, 2019

CMA CGM Aquila - big ship

The ships keep getting bigger and bigger and with today's arrival Halifax has passed the 11,000 TEU mark again. With a capacity of 11,200 TEU the CMA CGM Aquila is among the largest container ships to call in Halifax - so far.

The 11,000 TEU threshold was passed in January 2019 and bigger ships are anticipated. So far at least only CMA CGM is bringing these large ships to Halifax. Nevertheless Halterm is expanding to accommodate two 10,000+ TEU ships at one time.

It is not only a question of length however, as these ships are 18 or more containers wide and require long reach cranes  to service the entire breadth of the ship.

CMA CGM Aquila dates from 2009 when it was built by Hyundai, Ulsan with tonnages of 131,332 gt, 128,550 dwt.

Supposed to be the "largest" ship to call in Halifax do far, CMA CGM Libra was rated at 11,338 TEU with a dwt of 131,246, but its dimensions of 363m long x 45.6m wide are almost identical to CMA CGM Aquila.


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