Saturday, November 13, 2010

Barge aground near Pictou

1. Tug Florence M alongside the grounded barge Sault au Cochon off the Little Caribou Island-Monroe Island Provincial Park.

2. The beach below Pictou Lodge is strewn with thousands of tons of pulpwood. An excavator is working along the beach to pick up the wood.

3. The fishing boat Fishermens Friend I is picking up floating pulpwood and ferrying people back and forth to the scene of the grounding.

The barge Sault au Cochon ran ashore near Pictou Wednesday, November 10 in storm conditions. It was in tow of the tug Florence M at the time and was carrying a deck load of pulpwood for Pictou.

Shipfax made a road trip to the scene to bring you these exclusive photos (which I have also shared with Boatnerd) Salvage operations have begun on the barge while calm conditions prevail.

For more information on the tug and barge see sister blog Tugfax.

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