Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Run on Tankers

1. Kimolos at anchor in the harbour and Atlantic Leo on the horizon.

2. Kimolos arriving.

3. Chemtrans Havel sailing.

There has been a lot of tanker activity at Imperial Oil over the past few days, with more to come. Chemical/product tanker Nordic Copenhagen (see Nov 10) moved alongside today and Chemtrans Havel sailed. The this afternoon Kimolos came in to anchor.
Chemtrans Havel is German owned, Liberian registered and was built in 2009. She measures 8539 gross tons.
Kimolos is Greek owned and registered, was built in 2010 and measures 29,663 gross tons. Both are chemical and oil product tankers.

The crude oil tanker Nordbay sailed yesterday, but remained at anchor off Halifax until this afternoon, while Atlantic Leo awaits in the outer anchorages.

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