Sunday, April 7, 2013

Balder - revolutionary in more ways than one

1. Balder in the Narrows, headed for National Gypsum.

The self-discharging bulk carrier Balder arrived at National Gypsum this afternoon. Owned by the Torvald Klaveness Group of Norway, it operates in the CSL International pool of self-unloaders. Frequent callers in Nova Scotia ports, they bring coal to Point Tupper and Sydney, and load aggregates at Cape Porcupine and gypsum in the port of Halifax.
This particular ship is quite unlike the Canadian Seway type gravity fed hopper type self-unloaders on CSL, Algoma and some Oldendorff ships in the pool. Balder is has a Cargotec MacGregor bulk reclaimer system. Housed within a traveling structure on deck (which also serves to protect the cargo from weather and contain dust) the reclaimer feeds a conveyor and boom system which swings out to deliver the cargo to shore.
For more on this system see the following:,d.dmQ&cad=rja

To add to the ship's distinctions it also has the first multi-stream exhaust gas cleaning system. Installed in 2012, the scrubber cleans all exhaust gases from heavy fuel to comply with new air quality regulations, as an alternative to burning low sulphur fuel. There is a video on the installation here:
and a written description here:

2. Some of the covered conveyor system is visible wrapping around the ship's stern. The tug Atlantic Larch is just visible on the ship's starboard side ready assist in the turn to National Gypsum, now that the ship has entered Bedford Basin.

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