Friday, April 5, 2013

Nord Montreal - in and out for CFIA

1. Nord Montreal is just about to heave up anchor in anchorage 2. The ship's clamshell buckets are neatly stowed at the base of each crane.
Another bulker for CFIA/Asian gypsy moth inspection was in and out of port this morning. Inspections can only be done during daylight hours, so the ship was in port and anchored at about sunrise and was underway by 1000 hrs ADT.
Bound for Sept-Iles, and loaded, it is likely carrying alumina for the Alouette smelter.
The ship was only delivered last year, to Danish owners Norden A/S, and is owned through their Singapore address. A handy size ship of 22,850 gross tons, 36,570 deadweight it is fitted with four cranes with 30 tonne grabs.
Norden is major bulk carrier operator, see:

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