Monday, April 29, 2013

CCGS Corporal Teather CV

1. CCGS Corporal Teather CV in Narrows just after sunset.

CCGS Corporal Teather CV sailed just after sunset this evening. Halifax Shipyard launched the boat December 15, 2012 and the Coast Guard took delivery in February. Since then it has been outfitted at the Bedford Institute pier and conducted trials.
It is the third of the new Hero class Mid-shore Patrol Vessels to go into service with the CCG. After passing through the Canso Canal tomorrow morning, it will stop in Summerside PE before proceeding to Quebec City and on to its destination in the upper St.Lawrence River/Great Lakes region.
Next vessel in the class, Constable Carrière is due to be handed over this week.

2. Outfitted with a pair of fast inflatables,and other policing gear, the boat begins to pick up speed as it passes pier 9.


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