Sunday, April 28, 2013

BBC Seine

The German owned, Antigua flagged, cargo ship BBC Seine arrived this afternoon for CFIA Asian Gypsy Moth inspection. The ship sailed from Viana do Castello, Portugal on April 19 and is headed for Trois-Rivières, QC with a cargo of windmill components.
The inspection will be fairly brief, with the ship due to sail at 9 pm.
Owners Briese Schiffahrts now has a fleet of 130 ships, many with specialized capabilities. BBC Seine can carry containers, heavy cargoes and oversize loads. It is fitted with 3 cranes- 2 of 250 tonnes and 1 of 80 tonnes capacity. Built in 2010 by Xingang Shipyard in China, it has a gross tonnage of 12,974 and deadweight tonnage of 16,968 tonnes.
Briese (also known as BBC Chartering) specializes in windmill parts, and its ships are common sights in eastern Canada with deck loads of wind vanes.


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