Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Minerva Julie for bunkers

1. With tethered stern escort, Atlantic Oak, the tanker Minerva Julie arrives in Halifax this morning.

The Greek flagged product tanker Minerva Julie anchored for bunkers this morning, awaiting a berth at Imperial Oil. For a smaller, non-crude tanker, in ballast, it was unusual to see a stern escort tug. Normally only laden tankers take an escort tug, and then only larger ones. However since the size determination is usually made for ships of 50,000 tonnes deadweight or greater this tanker qualifies. Built by STX Offshore and Shipbuilding in Jinhae, South Korea in 2008, the ship measures 28,960 gross tonnes and 50,922 deadweight.
It is owned by Minerva Marine of Athens, which has a 50 ship fleet, all but five of which are tankers. They range in size from VLCCs down to this ship, which is considered medium range.
The ship is en route from Come-by-Chance, NL. 

2. On the second try, Minerva Julie is brought up at anchorage number 5 in a stiff breeze.

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