Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Naval Exodus

Three RCN ships sailed this morning.
First out was HMCS St.John's:

Followed by HMCS Iroquois:

And HMCS Preserver:


  1. Sailing aboard the PRESERVER is a small compliment of Royal Canadian Sea Cadets. The Cadets will train aboard in most departments to learn about operating a ship at sea and life while at sea.

    R.A.J. Blatch

  2. By the looks of Iriquois I'd say she is pretty near due for another refit. But I'll bet dollars to donuts that it won't be done in the Great Lakes again. I'm certainly not taking anything away from Seaway Marine. They probably did stellar work. It's just that these old boats take a lot more time and have developed a lot more unseen issues. And with freeze up constraints on the St Lawrence seaway it's probably not worth the stress and expense.
    That's my nickel's worth. The penny's gone.