Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tramper due

The heavy lift ship Tramper is due Sunday to load a pair of packaged boilers. Since it will be docking at pier 24, an almost impossible place to get a photo in these days of high security, I am posting a file photo instead.
On a previous visit February 13, 2003 the ship arrived very heavily iced up. When it docked on February 14, there was so much ice that the ship's own crew could not remove it and a shore gang was hired. They brought in steam generators to free up the hatches and loading gear.
The ship unloaded three Mammoet cranes for Fort McMurray on that trip, and sailed again February 17.
Tramper was built in 1999 by Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai, and measures 6714 gross tons and 8734 deadweight tonnes. It is fitted with two cranes each rated at 275 tonnes. They can combine for a 500 tonne lift. Owners are BigLift Shipping BV of the Netherlands, a subsidiary of the Spliethoff Group. BigLift's own web site shows their ships in action:


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