Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fog Season is upon us

With warmer air temperatures, but very cold water (there are still ice pockets in the Gulf, and lots of ice off Labrador) it is fog season once again.
 I will spare you the gory details of ship photography in such a climate, save for the two examples today, which will explain that photos may be few and far between on foggy days.
Mitsui-OSK Lines auto carrier Precious Ace, built 2010, 59,402 gross tons and a capacity of 5200 cars, made a brief morning call at Autoport, arriving and sailing in fog.
1. Precious Ace outbound at noon time.

You could tell there was a ship there, because the ship was sounding its fog horn virtually from the time it left the dock at Autoport.(Stern at left, bow at right of photo.)

Farther up the harbour, the fog dissipated and ships were more visible:
2. Canada Express rounds George's Island headed for Fairview Cove.

Once into Bedford Basin things were more civilized, but less than ideal for photos. Canada Express built 2006, 66,462 gross tons, 5888 TEU (the former OOCL Dubai to 2010) sounded her fog horn until she reached the Ives Knoll area.

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