Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FS Aquitaine sails

The newly minted FREMM FS Aquitaine sailed this morning and obligingly took the course west of George's Island.Because the channel is narrower (though deeper) to the west, and there were divers working at pier 22, the tug Atlantic Willow took up position as stern escort. The pilot boat Chebucto Pilot also paced the ship as they took the western channel outbound to avoid the inbound deep draft tanker Minerva Marina.

It certainly is a splendid ship, and received favourable comments from the Minister of Defence when he made a tour on the weekend. Should this be the model for the new RCN frigates, it would at least be a proven design, with several novel features, including reduced crew size, and multi-mission capability.
It certainly appears that DCNS (the French state owned naval builder) and Fincantieri (the Italian mega ship builder) have got their act together on this one.

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  1. Thanks for your CBC spot. Because I heard it i was able to watch the Aquitaine leave. I blogged about it also:http://redroom.com/member/dale-estey/blog/french-navy-destroyer-aquitaine-leaves-the-port-of-halifax

    I'm curious. Was that constant plum of steam which came from the port side normal?