Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bochem Mumbai inspection

The chemical tanker Bochem Mumbai anchored for Asian gyspy moth inspection this morning. The ship is truly international in its ownership and operating structure. Built in 2010 by Hachinohe, Japan as Siva Mumbai, for a subsidiary of the Cie Maritime Belge [CMB]of Antwerp, Siva Bocimar Chemical, based in Singapore. In 2013 it moved to Michina Marina SA of Hong Kong, raised the Hong Kong flag and changed to its current name.  However CMB BV chartered the ship back in some fashion and then placed it under the commercial management of Hansa Tankers of Bergen, Norway.

The ship is built with stainless steel tanks, allowing it to carry IMO Type II and Type III chemicals (a group of 17 chemicals that pose environmental risks - Type I are the most dangerous). The ship measures 19,968 grt, 33,636 dwt, and rates as a large ship among chemical carriers, which usually transport relatively small quantities of individual chemicals, but may carry several different chemicals at the same time.

Interesting: As Bochem Mumbai leaves Halifax for Saint John, it will pass the tanker Sichem Mumbai heading for the St.Lawrence River.


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