Monday, May 18, 2015

Veendam returns

After cutting short its 2014 fall cruise season Veendam arrived this morning, apparently restored to good order.

With a recorded wind speed of 3 knots, Veendam arrived in ideal conditions, its bulbous bow sliding just below the surface.
Last September the ship was working on one prop only*  and used tugs to berth in Halifax September 22 and Quebec City September 27. The ship then cancelled its September 28 cruise from Quebec to go to drydock in Philadelphia for repairs. Those repairs took three weeks (cancelling three cruises) and put it beyond the end of the 2014 season for Halifax.
The ship resumed regular service with an October 18 departure from Boston for San Diego.

The ship passed east of George's Island inbound and picked up the morning sun on its port side as it swung around for Pier 22.

Veendam, was built in 1996 by Fincantieri's Venice yard as a sister to Maasdam. In 2009 it had a major refit in Freeport, Bahamas,  that added two decks aft and projecting galleries, and a "duck tail" stern sponson.  Its passenger capacity post-refit is 1295, with 528 crew. The new grt is 57,092, up from 55,451 as built.

*the ship's propulsion system is diesel electric, with two diesel engines and three generators, driving two props. Holland America did not reveal the exact nature of the problem, but it had to be more than a bent prop blade, since that could have been repaired quickly.


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