Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Roundup

Work continues seven days a week to prepare Canada 2014 for its service between Digby ands Saint John.

The ship's old name, Blue Star Ithaki has been burned off the bow and stern, at least on the shore side. Let's hope something at least as stylish and appropriate replaces the temporary name.

Please be seated. A trailer load of old seats - headed for the dump? or to be recovered?

Work has resumed on the Harefield's ice damaged rudder. There was no activity for a couple of weeks while new components were fabricated.

Fusion sailed on Friday as usual, but has been advertised for sale.
Work on replacement Nolhavna continues at pier 34. Perhaps this week will see Fusion's last call.

Iroquois at Jetty NB Sunday morning. The former HMCS Iroquois was paid off with great pomp and ceremony Friday.


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