Thursday, May 7, 2015

Damgracht first call in Halifax

The Dutch multi-purpose ship Damgracht made its first call in Halifax today and it was a brief one. The ship arrived early this morning at pier 31 to unload two oversize pieces (as yet unidentified) .

A pair of well cars await their loads as longshoremen go to work this morning.

Once the units were placed aboard their rail cars, the cars were shunted out to the end of the pier for lashing. When that work is done and the cars are moved closer in it will be possible to tell what the loads are.
The ship was able to sail early in the afternoon.

Damgracht dates from 2009 from the Jinling Shipyard in Nanjing, China and measures 13,558 grt, 18,143 dwt. Owners Spliethoff's operate a fleet of multi-purpose ships that can carry specialized and sensitive cargoes, and heavy lifts. Ships of this class have three 120 tonne cranes, all mounted on the starboard side, leaving open deck and hold space for oversized cargo.
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