Saturday, April 30, 2022

Nukumi - amended

 Canada Steamjhip Lines' brand new salt hauler the Nukumi sailed from its berth in Halifax on Friday April 29, just over a month after it arrived from the shipyard in China. See Shipfax March 27, 2022

Built to carry salt from the Magdalen Islands the ship is in ballast and has not yet carried any cargo. Therefore its destination of Charlottetown is a bit of a mystery since no cargo would be loaded there. Perhaps CSL will clarify this in the coming days.


The ship will be sailing via the Cabot Strait and Cape North rather than using the Canso Canal - again unclear as to why, since the lock (and the ship) are built to Seaway dimensions. I do note that fleet mate Baie St.Paul has unloaded a cargo of coal at Belledune, NB and is headed for the Magdalen Islands for salt. I thought the Nukumi would be taking over from the Baie St. Paul, but demand for salt must be very high if two ships are needed.


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