Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Atlantic Sea to Pier C

 In an unprecedented move today the Atlantic Container Line ship Atlantic Sea moved from PSA Fairview Cove to PSA Atlantic Hub, the southend terminal (Pier C), tying up at berth 41, under the big cranes and at the RoRo ramp.

 Atlantic Sea coming up west of George's Island this afternoon in thin drizzle. The ferry, likely Rita Joe, crosses from Halifax to Woodside in the background.

The ship is on its westbound voyage out of Liverpool, UK and arrived in Halifax early this morning June 14. At 1630 hrs ADT this afternoon it began its move and was secure alongside at shortly after 1800 hrs. It used a tug while getting away from Fairview, and as required while transiting the Narrows, but did not use a tug at Pier C. 

There has been considerable talk that the Fairvew Terminal is plugged with containers and has no more room, and that CN has locomotive and container car shortages and is unable to move boxes out quickly enough to clear the terminal and the railyards. The southend Atlantic Hub apparently has more room. There was likely room to unload and load RoRo cargo at Fairview however, since that takes up less space.

Atlantic Container Lines has been a user of Fairview Cove exclusively and its current G4 ships have never berthed elsewhere as far as I can recall. 


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