Saturday, June 4, 2022

Nordic Tatiana for Irving Oil

 The tanker Nordic Tatiana arrived this afternoon with product for Irving Oil. The cargo was loaded in Amsterdam, and the ship has aleady off loaded some of the fuel in Saint John, NB.

The ship is somewhat unusual - both in appearance and in size.

Most product tankers we see were built in Korea, but this one comes from the Guangzhou International shipyard in China, which may explain why it looks different. The acommodation block appears squat in comparison to the Korean ships, because the main deck is enclosed below the acccommodation block on this ship whereas most Korean ships are flush decked and the area is open.

The ship is also somewhat smaller than the usual MidRange tankers we usually see. It is listed at 24,112 gt and 38,396 dwt as opposed the usual 50,000 dwt, making it a "Handysize". When it was originally built in 2007 it was named  Amy but was renamed Nordic Hanne in 2008 and Nordic Tatiana in 2021. 

The ship is operated by the Jacob Shipping Group of Germany, now a tanker operator, but at one time operators of general cargo ships that used to call in Halifax.

On its way inbound this afternoon the ship took the main channel, while the outbound MOL Maestro took the western deep water, channel.


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