Monday, June 13, 2022

The Price of Gasoline

With the price of gasoline going through the roof there is no let up in demand so it seems. Both tanker docks in Halifax have ships alongside today (June 13) with refined product from Europe. 

Yesterday's arrival Imperial Oil's number 3 dock is Yasa Flamingo, a typical handysize chemical / product tanker of 29,681 gt, 50,215 dwt built by Hyundai Mipo in 2019.

The ship arrived from Antwerp, a common source for Imperial's refined products. (They also have Canadian product arriving on June 15 on the tanker Algonova  from Nanticoke, ON.)

 It is hard to get a clear photo of ships at Imperial Oil, so sometimes it is necessary to ignore light poles and fences.

The Turkish company Yasa Tanker operates 13 tankers of various sizes. The Ya Sa group also has interests in real estate, tourism, aviation and textiles.

Today's early arrival at Irving Oil is the oddly named Dee4 Fig a 28,465 gt, 44,995 ship built in 2011 by Onomichi Zosen in  Onomichi, Japan. It carried the name Eagle Melbourne until 2020.

 The usual skewed view of Irving's Woodside dock shows neighbouring Imperial's tanks.

Dee4 Capital Partners ApS was founded in 2019 by several shipping industry veterans to manage investment funds and currently operates fourteen tankers, trading world wide.

Unlike Yasa which names it ships after birds, Dee4 names its ships for trees. Someday someone will come up with a truly interesting naming scheme for ships. I am not holdiong my btreath.

 Rant Warning: (those who are easily offended are advised to stop reading here.)

Despite the quantities of crude oil within Canada, the oil companies continue to import crude and refined products, paying world prices and passing that on to consumers. That allows them to export Canadian crude for world prices rather than truly supporting the Canadian economy by using it locally and selling product at a reasonable price. Why would a liter of gasoline in Nova Scotia cost $2.08 if it is (or could be) made from Alberta or Newfoundland crude?


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