Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Oasis of the Sea - how big can they get

 The largest cruise ship to call in Halifax arrived this morning June 7 and drew large crowds to most waterfront vantage points.

It is always difficult to appreciate the size of these ships except in comparison to something known. The CCGC G.Peddle outbound on patrol was the only object nearby and they were some distance apart. The G.Peddle took the western channel, leaving lots of room for the behemoth in the eastern channel.


Built in 2009 by STX Finland, Turku, it was the first cruise ship to boast a capacity of more than 6,000 passengers.  When built the 225,752 gt, 360m long ship was the largest cruise ship in the world. It has been literally inched out by sister ships since then, with Symphony of the Seas, the current record holder, at 228,081 gt, and 361.01 m long. It was also upgraded in 2019 with the addition of more cabins on deck 14 and so its current gross tonnage is now 226,838.

The ship's maximum passenger capacity is reported to be 6,699, but usually carries 5,606 (based on double occupancy) and is crewed by 2,109 persons (other sources say 2,181). Local reports in Halifax say that it is carrying closer to 5,000 on this trip. Even so, that is a lot of visitors to be absorbed by the city and region for one day.



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