Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hamburg - really the last

Hamburg is really the last scheduled cruise ship of the season after all. Its arrival this morning, finally brings to the end one of the longest cruise seasons in memory. Usually the last ship is in late October or very early November. When last week's visit of Legend of the Seas was cancvelled due to weather, I thought that was it.
Had I consulted the Port's excellent cruise schedule, I would have seen that there was another visit scheduled all along.

Hamburg made a glorious arrival this morning as the sun rose behind a dense bank of cloud. Air temperature in Halifax was well below freezing, with snow on higher ground, and icy puddles on the streets in town, but sea temperature was well above freezing, hence the dense foggy clouds offshore.

The ship eased in to pier 22 for 0800 and is scheduled to sail at 1400. Visitors will get a chilly reception - from the weather at least, but a warmer one from businesses. However seasonal businesses catering to tourists and cruise passengers have been closed for weeks.


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