Sunday, November 23, 2014


Shipfax has reached another milestone with 1600 posts to date. It also received 1617 hits yesterday on the posting about HMCS Iroquois - another record.
Thank you for your support. Comments, corrections and additions are always welcome, but are moderated. That is, they are not added automatically, but are added only after I have reviewed them and found them suitable.
To commemorate the landmarks I have changed to banner at the top of the page. For years it showed a ship from the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia and the pilot boat A.P.A.No.1 arriving at dawn. The old Saudi ships have been replaced, and the company has been renamed Bahri. The pilot boat is still operational as back-up boat, but a newer boat Chebucto Pilot is now the primary boat. It is shown inbound this afternoon with Atlantic Compass passing Meagher's Beach light. Ships of the Atlantic Container Line are perhaps the most familiar sites in Halifax harbour, but not for much longer . A new generation of ACL ships is due next year.


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