Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vera D, Voyage 001 for Melfi

Vera D is on its first voyage for Melfi Lines. Although slightly smaller than the other new ships that have joined Melfi recently, it is similar in most respsects.

Chebucto Pilot accompanies Vera D outbound this afternoon. 
The ship will swing to port to take the western deep water channel, keeping the eastern channel free for the inbound HMCS Montreal (see later post)

Laid down by in 2004 by Daewoo Mangalia it was completed by the German Sietas shipyard. That probably means that the hull was built by Daewoo's yard in Romania and towed to Germany for completion. 
It measures 17,188 grt, 22,613 dwt and has a container capacity of 1719 TEU. It is fitted with three 45 tonne cranes to work containers or other cargo.

It is owned by Peter Doehle Schiffs. of Hamburg and has carried two previous names. Launched as Pyxis it was renamed Maersk Veracruz on delivery. On completion of a five year charter in 2009, the owners saved on paint by renaming it Vera D. Melfi does not appear to be entering into long term charters, so it is seems unlikely that the ship will be renamed this time.


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