Friday, January 23, 2015

Kouros anchors instead

The tanker Kouros arrived this afternoon on schedule, and everyone expected it to go to Imperial Oil dock #3. By everyone, I mean me and the tug Atlantic Willow which set out to meet the ship at the usual meeting point in the Middle Ground area. However as the tanker steamed up, the tug was called off and sent back to the dock and the ship went to anchorage area number one  instead.
After about an hour doing a slow donut, it then went alongside dock #3. Atlantic Willow and Atlantic Oak came out to assist the docking.

Kouros has freed up its anchor, and Atlantic Willow scurries past on its way back to its dock.

Kouros is a typical product tanker, built in 2008 by STX Shipbuilding Co in Jinhae. It measures 29,993 grt, 51,278 dwt, and flies the flag of Liberia and is operated by Grace Management SA of Piraeus, Greece.


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