Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hoegh Osaka - quick in and out

After an aborted arrival yesterday due to sea conditions at the pilot station Hoegh Osaka made a whirlwind visit to Autoport today. It arrived at the usual arrival time of 0530hrs ADT and sailed at noon.
Recent arrivals at Autoport have spent days unloading their cargo, so this ship must have been carrying a very small quantity of cars.Snow and ice conditions have eased only slightly at Autoport, and thousands of earlier arrivals are still snowed and iced in. Recent arrivals may be moving better, but heavy snow last weekend and more predicted tonight and tomorrow will not help.

Hoegh Osaka outbound at noon time today.

Hoegh Osaka was built in 2000 as Maersk Wind, a name it carried until 2011. A product of the Hashihama Zosen in Tadotsu, it measures 51,770 grt, 16,886 dwt, 5400 ceu. It first started calling in Halifax when new, wearing Maersk hull colours but with a Wallenius funnel.

Fourteen years ago, give or take a few days, the ship still looked  fresh out of the shipyard.  It had been delivered in September 2000.

Since 2001 Wallenius has joined forces with Wilhelmsen to formWallenius Wilhelmsen, in direct competition with Maersk.

Meanwhile APMoller-Maersk and Hoegh Autoliner entered into a co-operation agreement in 2007 combining their ships into a 67 strong fleet. Then in 2008 Maersk bought a 37.5% (now upped to 38.75%) stake in Hoegh Autoliners, with Hoegh acquiring Maersk's 18 ships and 6 under construction.
The Hoegh Autoliners fleet now stands at 37 owned ships and 14 charters, including the sister ship Maersk Wave which became Hoegh Yokohama in 2014.


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