Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More bunkers and cars

Bunkered and ready to go. I count 13 manifold points (the white dots, high on the hull, aft of midships.)

Tanker Iron Point put in for bunkers today. Another tanker in ballast, this one is owned by PB Tankers SpA of Palermo, Italy, but registered in Malta. The ship was built in 2008 by STX Shipbuilding in Jinhae, South Korea. On the high side of the handysize range, it measures 30,119 grt, 50,922 dwt.

Compariing safety mottos on the bridge front, I see the same sentiments shared by two ship owners, but "Safety First" comes second on the Iron Point.

The US flag autocarrier Independence II arrived 11 months after I last took photos of it.(Shipfax April 30, 2014) This time however, the ship will be going to pier 30-31 first to load or unload some machinery, then moving to Autoport tomorrow. Last time it went to Autoport first.

Indepencdence II slides in close to the Halifax side, to make room to back in to pier 30-31.


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