Thursday, April 30, 2015

Heidelberg Express - another one gone

It has been announced that Hapag-Loyd have sold Heidelberg Express to Turkish breakers. It was built in 1989 by Howaldltswerke Deutsche-Werk in Kiel measuring 29,939 grt, 36,000 dwt. For a brief time in 1991 it carried the name Ville de Verseau.
In 1992 it was lengthened from 222.5 to 235.6m loa and re-measured at 35,919 grt, 45,977 dwt. Its new container capacity became 2803 TEU, including 238 reefers.

Heidelberg Express strides in to Halifax almost twenty years ago....

The ship was a regular in Halifax, but in recent times it has been on Hapag-Lloyd's transatlantic run to Montreal, flying the Bermuda flag. At time of writing it has just exchanged pilots at Trois-Rivières and is expected in Montreal first thing tomorrow morning. 

It is the last ship in the Bonn Express class still operating for Hapag-Loyd.Name ship of the class was sold for scrap earlier this year.


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