Friday, February 27, 2015

Barkald - one frozen gypsum to go please

Barkald has rounded George's Island to the east, and the ferry Woodside I has just left the Woodside Terminal for Halifax, and will make a wide loop to pass astern of the gypsum carrier. Several of these coordinated meetings occur every day between the ferries and commercial shipping. Thanks to Vessel Traffic Services and good communication VHF between the ferry crews and the harbor pilots incidents are rare.
Just out of the picture to the right, the tug Atlantic Willow stands by to take up station alongside the ship as it transits the Narrows on the way to National Gypsum. At this time of year the gypsum is frozen, but can still be loaded, and will thaw out en route to its destination in the United States.



  1. Not that she is dangling a lobster pot from her starboard anchor..

  2. What is that hanging off the anchor? a lobster trap? Can't zoom in enough to see.. CSI Enhance?