Saturday, February 7, 2015

Thorco Svendborg

Thorco Svenborg made a chilly arrival this morning, shrouded in sea smoke once it entered the harbour. The rising sun was trying valiantly to overcome the combination of relatively warm harbour water and -14C air temperature - without much success.

The ship was built Honda Zosen in Saiki, Japan in 2008. It measures 10,021 grt, 13,802 dwt and carries a pair of 50 tonne cranes. The ship flies the Hong Kong/China flag and is owned by Thorco Shipping A/S of Denmark.  It will anchor in Bedford Basin for several days before coming alongside to work its cargo.

Thorco Shipping has an extensive web site - well worth a look:


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  1. that is a very impesive photo of the THORCO SVENBORG with the snow in the photo and the mist in it i like that i saw it in newsclippings